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80s cuties!

Pop and fun♥

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Selling all things 80's and vintage!
*~*~* Welcome to 80 cuties! *~*~*

*~*~* This community was created as an affiliation to popkei as a place for members to showcase their online auctions, trades, or sells of personal merchandise relating or inspired by Spank! and cute 80's/vintage stuff.

*~*~* Mods reserve the right to delete any posts deemed inappropriate for this community.

Basic Rules:

* Please keep on topic! Off topic posts shall be deleted immediately (i.e. no community promos, spamming for friends, etc etc).
* Please use a lj-cut if you have more than one picture, or if the picture is bigger than 400x400.
* If you are trading merchandise, please trade with caution. People getting ripped off is no fun and if that happens, please inform the mods so that they can make notice of it in the community.
* Please restrict your posting -- wait until your post is off the first page. Our last community had to be shut down due to spammers, so constant posting of the same merchandise for several times within a short amount of time will result in a ban from the community.

*~*~* Thanks! Enjoy your time here! o^______^o

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Thanks minty_peach for journal layout sheet.